dimanche 18 septembre 2011

In the Middle of Nowhere

Here is a case as I never seen before:
MàJ : 02.10.2011

This bug appeared after inventory maintenance on sept 06 2011:
Items are randomly attached to the avatar (38 items) at login.
The viewer crashes when detaching them.
Depending of the viewer the problem is not quite the same but it happen on all of them.
See bug report below.

We've tried everything but nothing fixes this bug. At this point, this account is dead.
The only hope was from LL to clean up this inventory or delete it or link it to its alt or whatever solution. At least, they COULD TRY to do something.

He filled 2 tickets: 01215875 and 01218586 (1)

LL's answer was twice the same...
Eloquant! (See below)
Instead of wasting their precious time to send such useless answer they better use it to DO SOMETHING!

Somehow, this attitude disgusts me to be involved in support :(

(1) Oct. 02, 2011. I showed this post to our support team (Phoenix Team) and followed Whirly's advice by asking Ed (our support team lead) to poke a Linden about it.
Bug's victim opened a 3rd ticket (01222569) and asked for it to be escalated and finally the problem was solved.
He thanks you all for your help.

It gives me a bit of hope...

LL answer:
A comment has been added to your Case..

Case: xxx
Avatar: xxx Resident
Type: Inventory (un-rezzed) Issues
Status: Waiting for Customer Acceptance
Hello xxx!

Our records show that your Second Life account has a Basic (free) membership.
Basic members have many Support options open to them (you can file cases about
most account issues, billing issues, marketplace issues, and some technical
issues), but it seems like your issue in this case is not one that is supported
for Basic members:


If you have a problem or question not covered by these issue Types, you may be
able to find answers at our Self-Help support portal. Here are some options for

*Second Life 24/7 Billing Line: https://support.secondlife.com/billing-support/

*Second Life Answers: https://blogs.secondlife.com/community/answers

*Second Life Knowledge Base Wiki: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Main_Page

*Second Life Bug Tracker: http://jira.secondlife.com (and a quick tutorial: http://vimeo.com/14643240)

If this still does not solve your problem, and you would like extended support options (like live chat help and expanded support case Types), you can upgrade your membership to Premium here: http://secondlife.com/my/account/membership.php.
Remember that you must have a valid form of billing (PayPal or credit/debit card) on file, and that you will be charged immediately for the full amount of the membership.


Linden Lab Support


To reply to this case, either Reply to this email, or visit :

(To view the Case online, you will need to log into Secondlife.com with this
Avatar: xxx Resident)

@Personne concernée : ci-dessous ce que tu dois recopier pour la réouverture du ticket

This bug appeared after inventory maintenance on sept 06 2011.
I ask this ticket to be reopened and escalated.

Bug report:

During a previous call with support LL, I was told that my inventory was not corrupted.
Using an alt on my machine doesn't show any bug.
Using my main account on another machine shows the same bug.

Already done with Phoenix Team support without any better:
- Multiple clean uninstall/reinstall with the 4 viewers mentioned below.
- Customizing cache or not.
- Character test (crashes the viewer).
- Multiple use of Alba's 'av bug fix' which totally cleans up the av.

Bug behavior, by viewer

1. LLv3 (multipoint attachment)
At each login my av randomly wears 38 items from my inventory.
They are never the same.
It begins by the hand and goes on untill saturation.
In most case LLv3 doesn't handle well this excessive load process and it crashes.

2. FSv2/v3 (multipoint attachment)
At login the bridge is first to be created then my av randomly wears 37 items from my inventory.
They are never the same.
It begins by the hand and goes on untill saturation but the viewer doesn't crash at this point.
If I take off all items at once the viewer freezes and crash.
If I take off items one by one it works fine but at next login I'll find another set of items attached at my avi.
If I change my skin or my shape or any layer the bug reappears and few seconds after I wear again 38 attachments.

3. PHv1185 (multipoint attachment)
Phoenix is the best to resist against this bug.
The items are not randomly attached to my av.
I wear them only if I logout with them (usual behavior).
I can take them all off at once without crashing.
If I use 'add item' in inventory it automatically attach 38 items instead of one.
Wear option is grayed out

4. LLv1.23 (non-multipoint attachment)
No problem with this viewer.
It has its usual behavior. I can add/take off attachments, use character test, etc...
I cleaned up my av from all attachments and relog on LLv3: instant crash

What we suggest now:
Ask for the ticket to be reopened and elevated. (Done)
Try to toggle RLV option (relog between each)
Try to use the LLv1.23 viewer as it doesn't support multi-attachment. (Done)
Also try to use a chatext like Radegast or Metabolt

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